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Looking for the freshest, premium grade kratom to renovate your lifestyle? Kraken Kratom is a dynamic brand on many levels and its employees spare no effort in bringing you the finest product available.

We’ve tried thousands of products and hundreds of brands, but this one stands out as possibly the most important in the kratom world, especially for certain varieties. It is remarkably solid as far as its consistency goes, and shipping options are ideal too.

Impressive Quality Standards

Not only are precious and rarer alkaloids in kratom preserved to a proprietary standard in Kraken’s kratom tincture  but other products in their range are of an incredibly high grade.

Take Kraken’s Gold Elite Tea tablets;  This is a rare type of format which was evidently the result of plenty of research and forethought. Not only is it close to the original tincture, it is also a neat, unobtrusive and innovative product in other ways, not least in its choice of strain and preservation of the plant’s original potency.

Lifestyle Range

Both pre- and post- workout supplements are a great way to build kratom into your existing lifestyle or test the kratom waters before jumping straight in.


Both the effects we’ve discovered in the products at Kraken Kratom, and the care taken by Kraken in their shipping arrangements make us partial to this fine brand of kratom. A clean, full spectrum tincture is the closest form to the original tea produced in kratom’s native South East Asian countries.

In Kraken Kratom we found a clean, satisfying feel and we were roundly impressed with their entire product range; the inevitable result of constant testing and of re-imagining kratom in more modern forms.

Shipping and Delivery

Be sure to order early  in the day so that Kraken can square away your order and dispatch the same day. Delivery is free for orders of over $200.

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